Motoring history DVDs 


A great selection of high-quality archive films which show the evolution of the motor car from its origins in the 1890s, to its domination in the late 20th Century and beyond.
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A Celebration of British Motoring History (DVD)


105 minutes

A fascinating DVD packed with British motoring history from the beginning of the 20th Century to modern times. Includes outstanding footage of many great British cars being built, tested, driven on the road and raced on the track. Also includes excellent contemporary footage showing how many of Britain’s longest established companies such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Mini, Land Rover and Morgan are now putting increases resources into promoting their own individual histories. There’s also film of Britain’s best classic car events, a recent London to Brighton Veteran Car Run and a view of some of the great cars at Britain’s leading motoring museums. This is an absolute must for all serious British car enthusiasts and historians.

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Beetle Magic (DVD)

    60 minutes

In 1934 the celebrated Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche was commissioned to create a car for the German people which could be manufactured by the state and sold less for less than a thousand reichsmarks. It was originally called the KDF-wagen (Strength Through Joy) car and to devotees, the car remains as popular as ever. Join us for an entertaining and informative programme which includes extensive archive footage tracing the fascinating history of the car’s development and factory footage, an introduction to the ground breaking Beetle II, as well as visits to VW Beetle shows, where you can hear from fellow enthusiasts and pick up tips from experts. For anyone who appreciates the magic of the Volkswagen Beetle, this is a must !

Motorsport newsreels from around the world in the 1950s and 60s


75 minutes (total length)

A highly watchable collection of classic cinema newsreels featuring motor racing events from around the world in the 1950s and 60s. Many of the world's most famous race drivers of the era are featured including Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and many others at many of the world's most famous race tracks. There's also a collection of entertaining newsreels of some of the era's major motor shows and related events.

A bonus feature is an excellent period documentary featuring the pre-race, race and post-race highlights of the 1958 Sebring Grand Prix of Endurance in Florida 

Ferrari and Porsche -giants from the Continent (DVD)

   94 minutes

Explore the history of some of the finest sports cars ever built on the continent of Europe. Enzo Ferrari was so passionate about building sleek race cars and sports cars for the road and track that he created a dynasty which has never been matched. This documentary charts how the company evolved and how it enjoyed phenomenal success, with fans and admirers around the world.

Similarly, Ferdinand Porsche was equally passionate about building sports cars which everyone would appreciate and after the war his son Ferry took his father's ideas much further. He created the Porsche 911, one of the most recognisable and iconic sports cars ever produced, which has lasted for decades. The background to the success of the car is told here and includes much great archive footage

Jaguar at Le Mans 1954 - 1958

  139 minutes

This magnificent collection charts the story of the iconic D-Type Jaguar at the world's greatest endurance race from 1954 to 1958. Wonderfully filmed in full colour, and with commentary from such luminaries as Raymond Baxter and Nevil Lloyd, these films feature pre-event build-up and highlights from the 24-hour races, featuring on-track action, rare off-track sequences and, most importantly, the fabulous sights and sounds of Jaguars, Ferraris, Maseratis, Aston Martins, Mercedes and more tackling the Circuit de la Sarthe. This collection provides an exceptional opportunity to see legends including Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio, Peter Collins, Phil Hill, Wolfgang von Trips, Duncan Hamilton, Ivor Bueb and more - as well as hearing first-hand from Hawthorn himself.

Land Rovers Across Britain (DVD)


135 minutes

Land Rovers across Britain is an outstanding documentary DVD which was filmed from Cornwall to the Shetland Isles at the beginning of the 21st Century and presents a unique visual celebration of British Land Rover history and activities. It includes: Off-roading (Salisbury Plain, Scottish Highlands and elsewhere); Shows (Stoneleigh, Billing, High Wycombe); Very rare Land Rovers (Centaur, Cuthbertson, Judge Dredd, Perentie, Roadless Traction and others); Archive films; Early marketing; Radically modified Land Rovers; Unusual working Land Rovers; Scottish Land Rover safari; Dunsfold Land Rover Trust Open Day; London to Brighton Land Rover run; Heritage run from Land Rover factory to Gaydon; Extraordinary military Land Rovers at the massive War and Peace Show in Kent; Beautifully restored and original Series 1s; Devoted owners; Rescue and emergency Land Rovers in everyday use and much more.

Land Rovers Across the World (DVD)


106 minutes

An unmissable production which celebrates Land Rover history, adventure and achievements across the globe. The DVD includes great archive film from the late 1940s, '50s and '60s to outstanding contemporary film of Land Rovers in Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Africa, Iceland and elsewhere. It includes Land Rovers from all eras from Series 1s to the latest Discoverys and Range Rovers. It also features Land Rovers in international motor sport from ice racing in the Arctic Circle to racing around Germany’s Nurburgring. There's also Land Rovers succeeding in unbelievable 4-wheel drive challenges, including a mountain descent without any tracks and racing across the world's largest desert. This is a thoroughly enjoyable, high-quality and revealing production which will be enjoyed over and over.

Le Mans 1980 (DVD)

       70 minutes

The greatest endurance race in the world is the ultimate mix of high-speed action, drama and skill and the 1980 running of the Le Mans 24 hours race was no exception. Now, experience all the highlights of this extraordinary event on DVD in Le Mans 1980. It includes incredible footage along with the full story of more than 2,800 miles of racing at the classic Circuit de la Sarthe as the Rondeaus and Porsches battled with each other, and some of the wettest conditions Le Mans has ever seen. With the final minutes of the 24 hour race ticking away, heavy rainfall brought about one of the most dramatic conclusion to this spectacular endurance race ever - and this DVD captures all the action and atmosphere of this historic event.

Mercedes Benz returns to Formula 1 (DVD)

    61 minutes

After an absence of 15 years, the mighty Silver Arrows of Mercedes-Benz returned to Grand Prix in 1954 with one of the fastest and most technologically-advanced racing cars ever seen. The stunning film Pioneers of Progress charts the story of the German giant’s glorious return to Formula One, with unique access to the team and manufacturer’s factories. The evocative black and white footage provides a rare chance to see the 2½-litre, 260 horsepower W196 in action on the great racetracks of the era. Mercedes returned to GP racing at the fourth round of the 1954 season, the French Grand Prix at Reims, and immediately dominated. We enjoy thrilling archive footage from that event, and the remaining five races including Silverstone, Monza and the Nurburgring. We see Mercedes stars Juan Manuel Fangio, Karl Kling, Hans Hermann and Herman Lang battling with the Ferraris of Jose Froilan Gonzales and Mike Hawthorn, the Maserati of Stirling Moss and Alberto Ascari in both the Ferrari and Lancia racing machines. Plus, there’s the record-breaking 1954 race from the Avus circuit in Berlin, and a fascinating look at how the Mercedes-Benz 220 was built.

Motoring and motor racing in Britain in the 1950s and 60s


102 minutes

An archive-packed double DVD featuring amateur and professional films covering the post-war era, from Stirling Moss and others on the track, to new car launches, motor shows and more. Following the end of WW2, the British motor industry went flat-out to produce as many new car cars as possible to help rebuild the nation's economy. The main car companies began to produce a wonderful assortment of high-quality luxury cars, sports cars, family cars and economy models. The motor industry had never enjoyed such a level of growth before, and this continued into the 1960s. This golden age for motoring in Britain is richly featured here and includes everything from period newsreels, to car launches, innovation, nostalgia and much more. Disc 2 contains three significant 1950s motor racing films from the extensive BP film archive. The first is the 1958 British Touring Car Championship and includes production Jaguars, Austins, Rileys, MGs and others in much fast-paced action. Then it is the drama of the 1955 RAC International Tourist Trophy at Dundrod (Northern Ireland) and finally a race meeting at Goodwood in 1950 which has pre-war champions competing against the new boys.

Motoring Through the Ages 1890s to 1930s (DVD)

       65 minutes

Rarely seen films from around the world from the earliest days of motoring when both cars and the movie camera were being developed, up to the end of the 1930s.

This excellent DVD is a must for anyone interested in the origins of the motor car and includes some of the earliest ever film footage of cars on the road, early car manufacturing, new car launches, the early impact of the car in society, early motor racing, the start of mass production, daring early car stunt drivers, early road safety films, major motor shows, novel and experimental cars and much more.

Motoring Through the Ages 1940s (DVD)

      67 minutes

Rarely seen films from around the world during the 1940s. Includes car promotional films from before America during the war to new, high-tech military vehicles being developed exclusively to help the war effort, to new cars being produced in the immediate post-war era, plus the age of austerity in the late 1940s and the resumption of motor racing in the post-war years.

It also features a hugely revealing documentary of Ford operations on every Continent during the post war era showing car production and car factories at the time.

Racing Through Time -Fangio (DVD)


55 minutes

Juan Manuel Fangio was, by any measure, one of the most successful racing drivers of all time, winning an astonishing five formula one world championships and an incredible twenty-four of the fifty-one races that he contested. Perhaps, more importantly was the standards that Fangio set on and off the track that gained him the worldwide respect of both his rivals and spectators. This charismatic Argentinean so captured the public’s attention during his career that he became the sport's most revered name. From his humble beginnings back in Balcarce, Argentina, and his big break into motor racing, all the way to Fangio’ final grand prix at Reims in 1958, "Racing Through Time –Juan Manuel Fangio" has all the action from all the key races of one of formula one’ most highly acclaimed champions, and also includes interviews with race legends Emerson Fittipaldi and Sir Stirling Moss who give their own personal accounts of "the maestro", making this a must-have for all fans of motor racing.

The Birth of Formula One (DVD)


63 minutes

This DVD is a must for anyone interested in Formula 1 history. Using rarely-seen archive footage, it begins with the very first race, at Silverstone, in 1950. We see Guiseppe Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio, Luigi Fagioli and Reg Parnell do battle on the converted airfield racetrack. We then witness, in colour, three races from 1951, when the supercharged Alfa 159Bs went head-to-head with the 4.5 litre Ferraris at Reims, Silverstone and the Nurburgring. Farina, Fangio and Parnell are joined by Jose Froilan Gonzales and Alberto Ascari as the peaceful summer days are shattered by the thundering engines and cheers from the packed grandstands. The DVD concludes with the German GPs of 1953 and 1954 when Britain’s Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorn compete as Maserati, Mercedes and Cooper start to challenge the established order. 

The Early Years of Ford in America (DVD)


175 minutes (Double DVD)

A must for any serious motoring historian and early Ford enthusiast. This comprehensive production contains an excellent selection of films from Ford's official US archives from the beginning of the 1900s to the start of the 1940s. It includes everything from the development of the legendary Model T and the impact it had on transportation in America during the early to mid 20th Century; the start of the mass production; early marketing films; the Ford company's view of the world in the 1920s; highlights of the 10 millionth Model T driven across America; "at home" with Henry Ford, the development and launch of the "modern" Ford V-8", Ford-made 1930s cinema newsreels, early Ford racing cars, a national Ford sponsored young drivers competition, entertaining marketing films, pre-war cars being built and tested, "Ford Day" at the 1940 New York World Fair, a profile of the new Ford Mercury, 1940s cinema commercials and more. The second disc contains three excellent documentaries made by Ford in the US in the early to mid 20th Century

The Early Years of Ford in Britain (DVD)


75 minutes (including bonus film)

A revealing selection of rarely seen films from the official archives of Ford of Britain, complete with wonderful period commentary. The films shows the evolution of the Ford Motor Company in Britain from the early years of the 20th Century to the start of World War 2. They include rarely seen film from inside the original Trafford Park factory; a Model A being driven up Ben Nevis; nationwide endurance rallies; the building of the huge Dagenham factory (the biggest car plant in Europe at the time); the launch of the new Ford V8 at the Royal Albert Hall, testing new cars along some of Britain's toughest roads, precision testing of vital components, slow motion analysis of new cars, period marketing films and much more.

Bonus: In addition to the archive films, there is also a 20 minutes documentary following a rally of original Model T cars on a visit to Trafford Park and other places of interest to celebrate 100 years of Ford in Britain in 2011.

The History of the Motor Car


128 minutes

This DVD brings together all five parts of BPs magnificent documentary series detailing the development of the motorcar right through to the ground-breaking Mini of the late 1950s. Each of the five films from the BP Video Library charts a different era, with footage shot inside leading motoring museums around the world combined with wonderful colour film of the most significant, and earliest, models in automobile history. We begin at the dawn of motoring, in the 1800s, when pioneers hunted for a way to replace horse power with horsepower. Our journey continues through the arrival of the famous names including Daimler, Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls Royce and Fiat, and we compare the development of the car on both sides of the English Channel, as well as both sides of the Atlantic. We follow the development of the mass market, led by Ford s Model T, the reinvention of the industry following World War One, the important role of motor racing, the stunning craftsmanship of Bugatti and Alfa Romeo, and then the horrendous impact of the Depression, when the hundreds of independent car builders were reduced to just dozens. The DVD concludes with the latest developments in the post-war era when more cars were made and sold than ever before and car design and technology hit new heights and standards

The Ultimate History of Ferrari (DVD)

        92 minutes

Nine world championships went to Ferrari drivers during Enzo Ferrari’s lifetime and there might well have been more had he pursued his ambitions more single-mindedly. Enzo Ferrari was passionate about race cars, and road cars and this programme takes a close look the "dream cars" that rolled off the Ferrari "production line" in the early years of the 21st century, as well as other Ferrari supercars, such as the F40, F50 and the "Enzo". It gives you a window into the world of the Ferrari grand prix team and the awesome, flame-red V10 Formula One race champions that have ruled the world. It also charts the chronological history of the company’s road and racing cars to show you just how the Ferrari legend was created. An additional bonus feature is an archive interview with Enzo Ferrari.

Victory by Design Ferrari (DVD)

    70 minutes

Many of the cars featured in the legendary Victory By Design DVD series were strictly built for racing and were never seen in commercial showrooms. This DVD - showing all the cars, has plenty of rarities and is an update for the original production, with new sequences and cars (including the new Enzo and a range of Dino's) and re-formatted in widescreen with Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound. Alain de Cadenet, a long-time Ferrari enthusiast and aficionado, drives some of the great sports racers and production sports cars that helped establish the marque's reputation, believing that, rather than the Grand Prix racers, it was the sports cars that truly created the Ferrari mystique among the wider public. An incredible DVD featuring all the top Ferraris, past and present. Incredible archive footage of Ferraris fromt he turn of the century. The Glory Days of Ferrari, where you see the Red Dream grow, this is a wholly unique, behind the scenes look at the incredible Ferrari marque. This DVD will put you in the driving seat of some of the world's most expensive and prestigious Ferraris.

Victory by Design Maserati (DVD)


77 minutes

This high-quality production features many of the most important Maserati competition cars in the marque's history. Shot on spectacular international locations by award-winning film-maker, Tony Maylam. Full-on 'Maserati' sound (with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Surround Sound) and exciting widescreen photography with each featured car driven and appraised by renowned racer, Alain de Cadenet.


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