British cars in America (DVD series with free illustrated booklet)



Hidden history

A highly informative series of individual documentary films which reveal the fascinating history of many of Britain's most popular cars in the world's biggest car market during the second half of the 20th Century.

America was a hugely important market for the British motor industry in the post-war era with more than half of all the sports cars built in Britain at the time being shipped across the Atlantic, with many other models also selling there in significant numbers.

This revealing DVD series tells the story of the love affair that many Americans had for British cars and is packed with rarely seen archive films from the late 1940s onwards + original footage of amazing cars, collections, shows, owners, racing and much more filmed from coast to coast -and Hawaii.



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Land Rovers Across America

      90 minutes

Land Rovers Across America is an action packed coast-to-coast adventure which reveals the fascinating history of the Land Rover in its first 50 years in its most important export market.

It includes off-roading in Maine, Vermont, Colorado, and Hawaii, rarely seen archive films featuring Land Rovers from the 1940s onwards; fascinating old and new US Land Rover marketing; US Land Rover shows; modified US Land Rovers; one of America's earliest Land Rovers, a 1959 trans-world expedition Series 2 Land Rover; a "Big Foot" Land Rover, a "stretched Range Rover", Land Rovers and their devoted owners on the streets of New York and Los Angeles and much more!

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Jaguars Across America

    70 minutes

Filmed from coast to coast, this highly praised documentary uses a feast of fascinating archive footage, as well as a considerable amount of original video, to tell the story of the extraordinary affection Jaguar has had in America. Since the beginning of the 1950s, Jaguar has been one of the most revered names in the US sports car market. The love affair began when the incredibly beautiful XK120 was launched at the end of the 1940s, with Hollywood legend Clark Gable buying one of the first cars to arrive and then it seemed every other serious motoring enthusiast was keen to follow. The love affair continued with the subsequent launches of the faster XK140 and XK150 in the mid 50s and reached an even greater level of adulation when the XKE (e-type) was first shown in the US at the 1961 New York Auto Show. Many of the company's other late 20th Century model enjoyed similar success, and to this day, Jaguar remains one of the most sought after cars in the country.

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Minis Across America

      70 minutes

A revealing production which was filmed across the USA (and Hawaii) and tells the story of the original Mini in the land of the gas guzzler.

It includes rarely seen archive films of the Mini in the US; cinema newsreels of the US launch of the original Mini and Mini Cooper; an interview with the late John Cooper on his own US Mini recollections; exclusive US Mini shows in Florida, Ohio and California; very rare Minis, including a Mini "juggernaut" and a tow-truck Mini; Minis racing in the US; early US Mini marketing; amazing owners and much more.

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Morris Minors Across America

    80 minutes

The USA was the Morris Minor's second biggest export market and this film shows Morris Minors on the East coast, West coast and Hawaii.

It also includes US Morris Minor advertising, including a rarely heard American Morris Minor radio commercial; highly modified and gloriously restored US Minors; the last Morris Traveller in New York City, original rust-free Morris Minors along California's Pacific coast; unusual US working Minors; a racing US Morris Minor, including exhilarating in-car footage, the biggest American Morris Minor parts suppliers and much more.

The film takes a fascinating look at the history of Morris Minors in the world's most important car market.

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MGs Across America

    100 minutes

MGs Across America tells the extraordinary love affair Americans had for MG cars from the end of World War 2 until the end of the 1990s.

The film includes rare archive footage, exclusive interviews with some of the early US MG race drivers, pristine, rust-free and highly modified MGs, a tour of a huge private MG museum, exclusive US MG marketing, devoted owners, a vast MG model collection, very rare MGA and MGB cars, footage from a huge MG gathering on the Indianapolis race track, a rare MGF in America and much more.

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Triumphs Across America

    70 minutes

A highly informative film which chronicles the history of all the Triumph sports cars which enjoyed great success in America after WW2.

It includes early history, very rare cars, archive films, Triumphs racing in the US from the 1950s to the 1990s, a feature on John Buffum, who won the US National Rally Championship in a TR7, national Triumph shows, exclusive US TV advertising and other marketing material, a feature on the US designed TR250, Triumph cars at New York Auto Shows, one of America's largest Triumph parts suppliers, devoted owners and much more.

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