The Ultimate History of British Car Advertising in the 20th Century



A stunning treasure chest of British motoring history

More than 1000 of the most memorable British car print advertisements from throughout the 20th Century

Available in 16 individual paperback reference books

All these revealing adverts are beautifully displayed and critically analysed and are a "must-have" for any serious classic British car enthusiast or historian.


This is a highly revealing insight into a century of British car marketing which is shown in stunning artwork and a wealth of fascinating historic detail

* 16 individual titles (and more than 1000 adverts) covering the entire 20th Century

* All individual book volumes contain 72 (A5 size) pages and cost only £5.99 each

* Superb print quality throughout on clear silk art paper

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Volume 1: Advertising British Cars: 1900 - 1909


 Advertising British Cars: 1900 - 1909

(72 pages)


An excellent selection of fascinating early adverts for the new cars being made by an assortment of small companies across Britain who were all intent in being leaders in this new industry

Volume 2: Advertising British Cars: 1910 - 1919


 Advertising British Cars: 1910 - 1919

(72 pages) 


As cars become more standardised, manufacturers promote their new found expertise as they produce vehicles for WW1 and then new cars for post-war Britain. Some of the more resourceful and creative manufacturers also begin to produce adverts in colour for the first time

Volume 3: Advertising British Cars: 1920 - 1929


   Advertising British Cars: 1920 - 1929

(72 pages)     

The 1920s sees the development of much more creative adverts throughout the industry as the major companies begin to dominate with a range of models from the most basic to the supremely luxurious

Volume 4: Advertising British Cars: 1930 - 1934


Advertising British Cars: 1930 - 1934

(72 pages)  


With car production increasing rapidly, Austin, Ford, Morris, Vauxhall and a few others take advertising to new levels as they all try to outsell each other

Volume 5: Advertising British Cars: 1935 - 1939


Advertising British Cars: 1935 - 1939

(72 pages)   


The latter years of the 1930s sees car production in Britain at record levels giving the company marketing specialists more resources to produce even more effective adverts

Volume 6: Advertising British Cars: 1940 - 1946

Advertising British Cars: 1940 - 1946
(72 pages) 


Despite car production virtually completely halted, the major manufacturers continue to place adverts in the motoring magazines throughout the war. Some promote their own achievements in the battlefield, while others let readers know they will be bringing out even more advanced models once the war is over

Volume 7: Advertising British Cars: 1947 - 1949

 Advertising British Cars: 1947 - 1949
(72 pages)  

With the war over, the late 1940s see the main motor manufacturers bring out new models with more modern designs and all are heavily promoted in the magazines of the period. The significant growth in the export of British cars means more adverts appear in Australian and American magazines

Volume 8: Advertising British Cars: 1950 - 1952

 Advertising British Cars: 1950 - 1952
(72 pages)


With greater prosperity starting to replace several years of austerity, many more new cars are being launched. All the models are much advanced than what came before and are also being shipped to new markets across the world

Volume 9: Advertising British Cars: 1953 - 1955

  Advertising British Cars: 1953 - 1955
(72 pages)   


With the major car makers cash-rich they now all have major publicity departments which ensure the latest adverts are more professional and colourful than ever before

Volume 10: Advertising British Cars: 1956 - 1959

 Advertising British Cars: 1956 - 1959
(72 pages)   


The late 1950s sees the launch of the Mini, Triumph Herald, upgraded Ford Anglia and others and all are heavily promoted in the magazines of the period as car sales in Britain again hit record levels

Volume 11: Advertising British Cars: 1960 - 1962

Advertising British Cars: 1960 - 1962
(72 pages)   

With small British sports cars proving highly popular around the world, the marketing specialists put greater effort into producing more creative adverts geared to the young, affluent and more adventurous motorist. The arrival of the Mini also ensures many highly imaginative adverts for what is described as a revolutionary car or "wizardry on wheels" as it is advertised

Volume 12: Advertising British Cars: 1963 - 1966

Advertising British Cars: 1963 - 1966
(72 pages)

As Britain’s leading cars prove popular at home and abroad, the accompanying adverts are amongst the most memorable ever produced

Volume 13: Advertising British Cars: 1967 - 1969

Advertising British Cars: 1967 - 1969
(72 pages) 


Ford, British Leyland, Vauxhall and others launch numerous new models and all are heavily promoted to ensure they continue to sell in all the major markets

Volume 14: Advertising British Cars: 1970 - 1974

 Advertising British Cars: 1970 - 1974
(72 pages)


Glitz and glamour dominate many of the new car adverts, with alluring young women featuring prominently in an era before any "political correctness". In this new era of "anything goes", car companies vie to produce adverts which are racier than their rivals

Volume 15: Advertising British Cars: 1975 - 1979

 Advertising British Cars: 1975 - 1979
(72 pages)


With foreign cars becoming more appealing, the traditional British car makers start to produce even more powerful adverts as part of a "Buy British" campaign

Volume 16: Advertising British Cars: 1980 - 1999

Advertising British Cars: 1980 - 1999
(72 pages)  


Despite the decline of the British motor industry, Land Rover, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and other specialist companies still produce many exceptional adverts to promote their leading models

The Ultimate History of British Car Advertising in the 20th Century (all 16 books)


 (More than 1000 adverts beautifully displayed and critically analysed)


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