Motoring Through the 20th Century



  The essential illustrated history of post-war motoring featuring nearly 1200 revealing archive photographs 
A major new work which provides a highly revealing insight into a bygone motoring era
These two outstanding A4 size reference books feature the full range of motoring life from the 1950s and 1960s, including new car launches, motor shows, major races, rallies, leading motoring personalities, plus new developments in automotive design, safety and technology
Nearly 1200 revealing photos
Both books are filled with hundreds of period black and white and colour photographs, along with highly detailed and informative captions. They will provide a vivid reminder of the era for anyone who was around at the time or will be highly educational for younger enthusiasts who are interested in this golden age of motoring history
High-quality archive photos
The photographs which are featured were all professionally produced by the leading motoring
photographers of the day and have been acquired from major car manufacturers, other motoring related companies and organisations, as well as leading photographic agencies and archive libraries, with many of the photos having not been seen for decades
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Motoring through the 20th Century: 1950s

  142 pages ~ 520+ illustrations

With Western economies finally managing to recover from the damaging effects of WW2, there was a major effort to get people on the move again in their own comfortable automobiles. Major manufacturers in Britain and around the world began producing a range of modern streamlined cars which were quicker and more efficient than those of earlier times. This book features beautiful images of many of the latest models which began appearing in the showrooms, as well as a great selection of photos from the major motor shows, races and rallies of the era, plus new developments in safety and technology. Everything is included from the outstanding achievements of the brilliant Fangio on the race track, to the extraordinary dream cars being created by America’s most innovative designers, ensuring all the decade’s major motoring events are fully featured. The book is a highly revealing record of motoring life during the 1950s.

Motoring through the 20th Century: 1960s


152 pages ~ 640+ illustrations

By the start of the 1960s there were more cars on the road then ever. As congestion was now a growing problem, fast, new, multi-lane motorways were rapidly being constructed to keep people on the move. There were also major changes in the cars being built. The Suez Crisis of the mid 1950s had kick-started the demand to have more fuel efficient vehicles, with BMC’s tiny Mini leading the way. However, for motorists who did have money in their pocket, small British sports cars were proving to be particularly popular. The Austin Healey, MG, Triumph and other leading models were in huge demand -especially in America. There was similar interest in the more luxurious sports cars from Jaguar, Aston Martin and leading European marques. With car buyers now having a greater choice of models to choose from, this was the motor industry’s greatest decade to date and so many of the developments are featured here in many wonderful period photos.

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