BMC / British Leyland Press photographs of the 1960s and 1970s


The photographs contained in the two boxes are beautiful reproductions of the official press photos produced by BMC and British Leyland's marketing teams to help publicise the launch of a new car or a major upgrade of an existing model and potentially played a major role in the number of future sales.

The original photographs were taken by some of the era's leading car photographers and much deliberation would have taken place in advance as to whether the photograph should be taken in a studio, on the road, or in a specific location with an attractive or particular backdrop. Furthermore, if it was "on-location", the background would have been very carefully chosen and the car precisely positioned.

There was further consideration about whether or not to include actors and models with the cars. Even the precise height, angle and distance to the car were also carefully planned to ensure its best features were most prominent.

Copies of the pictures were then given to all the motoring magazines and newspapers to try and enhance any editorial coverage.

The hope was that the more impressive the picture and the more it would be seen would ensure that more motorists would then visit their local showroom to view, test and then ideally buy the car themselves