Aston Martin DBR1  sculptured model                                                                                           More Aston Martin products

    -hand-cast with a beautiful pewter finish                                                                                                                                                            


Classic sculptured metal art featuring a range of leading Aston Martin models

The high-quality, heavyweight sculpture featured below has been accurately designed to detail, expertly moulded, cast in a special high density resin and then thermal plated with lead-free pewter. It is then hand polished by a skilled craftsman before being lacquered to preserve the brilliant metal finish. This precise process produces a beautiful piece of art with the look, weight and feel of solid metal and also ensures it will last a very long time, as well as maintain its value.

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Aston Martin DBR1


30cm (12") long  Click here to view more images

The 1959 Le Mans winning Aston Martin DBR1 driven brilliantly to victory by Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE